By: Team 17 and Studio Koba.

Release date: 30th March 2021.

Available on: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One. Also on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console on release day.

Ever wanted to be sucked into the Digital Kingdom to fight for freedom.  All set against a neo-retro background, with a synthwave soundtrack and full of 80s pop culture?  Yup, Me too.

Narita Boy will fulfill this fantasy. You will travel through whimsical landscapes in this classic 2D platformer, fighting digitised characters with your Techno Sword and Mysterious Magic, to discover the secrets of the Digital Kingdom and the memories of its human Creator.

Not only all that, but Team 17 and Studio Koba  are planning a digital event in spring.  A percentage of the sales will be contributing to the campaign; Saving The Arcade World.  This charity aims to raise awareness to the declining of arcade games and amusements. The final amount will be split between three museums; 

  • The Strong: National Museum of Play, in New York
  • The National VIdeogame Museum, in the UK
  • Arcade Vintage: Museo del Videojuego, in Spain.

Not only that but the song Saving The World is available now on spotify and other major music platforms.