Sunshine Manor is the lastest offering from Fossil Games and is due for release in Autumn of 2021 on Playstation 5, Xbox X series, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The game itself is a horror RPG and has scares, chilling scenes and hints at horror franchises of the 80’s, all along with an 80’s soundtrack, specifically written for this game. The aesthetic is reminiscent of Count Lucanor and Mad Father. The game features puzzles, enemies you can engage in combat, boss battles and much more. The puzzles are challenging enough to keep your brain ticking while remaining fun and to keep the story driven narrative flowing.

You start as a trick or treaters hunting for candy and fun, but ends up as a night of survival and dread as you try and escape Aitken Manor. Your character is Ada, a girl with latent psychic abilities, which you mjust use to navigate the Manor, uncover the secrets and escape.

The manor is continually changing, which adds to the unease as you never know when you’ll come across your next foe. All this happens whilst you are being watched by the pervasive Shadow Man. Ada can travel to and from the demon realm to face hellish monsters.

This is a sequel to Camp Sunshine part of the Sunshine Universe. Can you solve the mysteries that lie within the Aitken Manor and led to the events of the Camp Sunshine Massacre?

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