The Sun is Shining?

Sunshine Manor is the lastest offering from Fossil Games and is due for release in Autumn of 2021 on Playstation 5, Xbox X series, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The game itself is a horror RPG and has scares, chilling scenes and hints at horror franchises of the 80’s, all along with an 80’s soundtrack, specifically written for this game. The aesthetic is reminiscent of Count Lucanor and Mad Father. The game features puzzles, enemies you can engage in combat, boss battles and much more. The puzzles are challenging enough to keep your brain ticking while remaining fun and to keep the story driven narrative flowing.

You start as a trick or treaters hunting for candy and fun, but ends up as a night of survival and dread as you try and escape Aitken Manor. Your character is Ada, a girl with latent psychic abilities, which you mjust use to navigate the Manor, uncover the secrets and escape.

The manor is continually changing, which adds to the unease as you never know when you’ll come across your next foe. All this happens whilst you are being watched by the pervasive Shadow Man. Ada can travel to and from the demon realm to face hellish monsters.

This is a sequel to Camp Sunshine part of the Sunshine Universe. Can you solve the mysteries that lie within the Aitken Manor and led to the events of the Camp Sunshine Massacre?

Have you played Camp Sunshine? Leave your thoughts below and keep following me for future updates.

Tormented Souls

By: PQube

Released date: Q3 2021

Available on: PC, Switch and Next Gen Consoles in Q3 2021.

How would you feel waking up in a bathtub, hooked up to antiquated medical equipment?  Oh, and I did mention that you’re NAKED!?!

You play as Caroline Walker, investigating the disappearance of twin girls in a small town called Winterlake. There are puzzles to solve and resources to gather.  You will use these to expose the secrets and explore the mansion, come hospital, and the surrounding grounds. 

Around the mansion are mirrors, heralded as the gateway to the other world by many cultures, which you can use to manipulate the fabric of reality.

By the Way, does all this sound familiar?  That’s because the creators PQube have taken inspiration from fan favourites Resident Evil and Silent Hill. They have added a modern spin on the fixed-perspective adventures.  You will find yourself hunting down items to combine to solve puzzles and fighting the horrors that lurk within the mansion.

There is also a special collectible Sun & Moon coin for those who preorder a physical copy of the game from funstock.

So, if you’re interested in a throwback horror game head over to PQube’s website and check out the trailers here.

Narita Boy

By: Team 17 and Studio Koba.

Release date: 30th March 2021.

Available on: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One. Also on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console on release day.

Ever wanted to be sucked into the Digital Kingdom to fight for freedom.  All set against a neo-retro background, with a synthwave soundtrack and full of 80s pop culture?  Yup, Me too.

Narita Boy will fulfill this fantasy. You will travel through whimsical landscapes in this classic 2D platformer, fighting digitised characters with your Techno Sword and Mysterious Magic, to discover the secrets of the Digital Kingdom and the memories of its human Creator.

Not only all that, but Team 17 and Studio Koba  are planning a digital event in spring.  A percentage of the sales will be contributing to the campaign; Saving The Arcade World.  This charity aims to raise awareness to the declining of arcade games and amusements. The final amount will be split between three museums; 

  • The Strong: National Museum of Play, in New York
  • The National VIdeogame Museum, in the UK
  • Arcade Vintage: Museo del Videojuego, in Spain.

Not only that but the song Saving The World is available now on spotify and other major music platforms.

The Death of Split Screen?

How long has it been since you saw a game released with split screen co-operative or versus gameplay? A month? A year? Longer?

My husband and I have been finding it harder and harder to find games that have co-operative split screen.  Most games now come with online multiplayer, covering the expanse of the internet rather than the sofa.

I can remember playing games like Mario 3 on my Nintendo Entertainment System many moons ago. It was single player and I found my own way to play with my cousins, we called it levels and lives. If you completed the level or died the controller was passed to the next person and so we played weekend after weekend.

The first split screen I can remember was Goldeneye on my neighbours N64. The graphics were terrible, but the fact that four of us could play at once was fantastic and we loved it! That, for me, was the dawn of split screen and it was a great thing. I played co-op split screen with friends and more recently with my husband. We have played Mario, Resident Evil 5 & 6 and Lego Marvel Heroes to name a few.
golden eye

And now with the next gen consoles being released the graphics and dynamics of gameplay have increased more than I thought they would have when I first started gaming way back when. But along with this awesome advance in games so have come to the fore the online multiplayer and diminishing are the split screen. COD, most notably, was one of the biggest online multiplayer when it began on consoles and WoW was and probably still is the biggest on the PC.

So where has split screen gone? I am struggling to find games that utilise this version of co-op play. The last game I played with split screen was Resident Evil 6 and I loved that game! It was great to play the game with my Husband, otherwise we just sit and watch each other playing our latest game.

I know that split screen can cause lag and degradation in graphics, but with these amazing next gen consoles that can pull off such beautiful and realistic graphics and gameplay, surely there is a way that the games industry can resurrect split screen for future games. Otherwise I’m going to have to buy another TV and PS4.

Tell me what you think about the lack of split screen titles for consoles? Do you miss it?

I look forward to reading your comments.